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The beginning of Little Red Lullaby

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

How I got started?

I’ve always like the thought of being creative bit never found anything that stuck ,I tried so many different crafts like crochet, knitting and needlework. I did teach myself to crochet but the others I was not so good at lol

Lots of things changed when we had a baby girl, we found out that she was born with hearing loss and at the start that meant a lot of appointments as we navigated this new world we were thrown into. It was hard, tiring and I won’t lie a bit of a sad time in our lives bit we also we had this beautiful baby girl and of course a toddler as well so life goes on.

Of course with all these added appointments such as therapy, hearing tests, Australian hearing visits it was nearly impossible to go back to work so we decided to extend my maternity leave and while that was great for raising a family I was getting bored. I has always worked starting at age 15 with a casual job so not working was actually something I wasn’t used to and socially it can be

One day I was online and saw this called a Busy Book(or quiet book), I had actually never heard of them but instantly loved what I saw and started doing some research about them. Of course me being a craft addict and a little bored at home I decided that I really wanted to make one myself, I mean how hard could it really be! It was for a friends little boy’s first birthday in about a months time and I gave myself of course not long enough to do it.

My first book was such a trial and error, there was some tears, some doubts and to be honest probably some swearing but but it was done on time and his he loved it and so did my friend.

My friend said I should make and sell the but at that time I wasn’t really in the position to start a business and my main focus was on Ava end everything that comes with her hearing loss.

Flash forward a few months(well maybe more like 6 moths but time flies when you have a young child) and my baby girl was doing amazing, implanted with a cochlear implant before her first birthday and loving and learning in her environment.

I myself was kind of lost and not knowing what I was going to do, I was on Facebook just chatting in a sewing group one night and someone asked about making a busy book and I of course piped up that I had made one. I showed some photos and several people asked if I would make them one and I did that, this gave me the courage to start advertising and on my first business post on mothers group Facebook page I got over 50 orders. This is when I knew that it was going to be something that people were after and maybe something that will allow me to run a business from home so that I could be there for all of Ava’s appointments and I also could be there for all the important moments in my kids life.

So here we are now, there have been a lot of ups and downs in my life and in my business, but with my little girl starting school next year I’m hoping to take my business to the next level….well that’s the plan anyway :)

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